Plenary Indulgences


Plenary Indulgences 
To acquire a plenary indulgence during the Jubilee, the faithful are required to fulfill the conditions laid down in item A below and to perform one of the works prescribed in item B:

  1. Basic requirements
    The following conditions are to be fulfilled with a spirit of complete detachment from sins, even venial sins—
    1. Integral confession: This may be done within 20 days before or after the performance of a work prescribed under item B.
    2. Eucharistic Communion.
    3. Prayer for the celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff: This may be done by recitation of oneOur Father and one Hail Mary, as any other prayers at one’s own choice.
  2. Works to be performed:
    1. The faithful have to make a brief pilgrimage to oneof the following Churches/Chapels by entering the “Holy Door”, i.e., the “Door of Mercy”, and praying to the God of Mercy (see Bull, 3, 14)—
    1.1 Rome: one of the four Papal Basilicas.
    1.2 Hong Kong: one of the seven Churches/Chapels listed below (for the respective Holy Door Opening Ceremonies, see Section IV) —
    i. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Central)
    ii. Chapel of Holy Spirit Seminary (Aberdeen)
    iii. St. Teresa’s Church (Kowloon Tong)
    iv. St. Thomas the Apostle Church (Tsing Yi)
    v. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (Tai Po)
    vi. St. Joseph’s Chapel (Yim Tin Tsai Village, Sai Kung)
    vii. Chapel of Our Lady of Joy Abbey (Lantau Island)
  3. The performance of one or more acts of mercy, such as: a fraternal visit or charitable service to the sick, the elderly, the disabled, or inmates; guidance or consolation given to those who are mentally, emotionally or spiritually afflicted or socially marginalized ; feeding the poor (see Bull, 15).
  4. The sick, the elderly and others who for various reasons are home-bound and unable to enter the Holy Door —
    Meditating on the Paschal Mystery of the Lord and bearing their own sufferings and trials with faith and joyful hope, and attending Holy Mass and community prayer, even through the various means of communication, they will be able to acquire Jubilee indulgences by fulfilling the basic requirements as stated above.

(1) A plenary indulgence may be acquired each time a prescribed work is performed, but only one plenary indulgence may be acquired in the same day.
(2) On the same conditions, the Jubilee indulgence can also be acquired for the deceased faithful.

III. Remission of sins involving the penalty of Excommunication
1. Pope Francis has conceded to all priests for the Jubilee Year the faculty to absolve of the sin of abortion, which is subject to an automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication (cf. Canon 1398). (It is to be noted that in our diocese such a special faculty is included in the faculty granted by our Bishop for priests to hear confessions.)

  1. On 10 February 2016 (Ash Wednesday), Pope Francis will send forth Missionaries of Mercy(see Bull, 18), who will be granted the faculty to absolve of sins involving automatic excommunications reserved to the Holy See. One or two priests from our diocese, to be recommended by our Bishop, will enroll themselves as such missionaries.